Yes they are the three of the very best that I found this month, we have reviewed roughly 80 websites and only three turned out to be absolutely delivering, and quality, obviously they are all websites that are new and therefore most probably you still haven’t ran into them and we are the first to talk to you about them.

One of them is a social media page that offers funny pictures, in other words this website called Moar, is based on a social media platform that gives everybody the opportunity to post and share and comment on the hundreds of thousands of funny pictures that are posted every day on its network.

Live pornstars videos

This is quite frankly is not as new as some would think, if you think that it has roughly and getting very close to 4 million members now, one would understand that it must be something very exciting, well what I told you that they offer Live Pornstars Shows and those three words say it all, there is no other website on the Internet today that can offer you just that, simply because they have an exclusive contract with close to 1000 of the most famous porn models, and these models cannot have sex live on WebCam on any other website besides the ones that were mentioning in this paragraph.

Last but not least is a social media page that is entirely dedicated to EX Girlfriend Pics. Yes I know that may sound absolutely insane, but that is exactly what they are offering, I myself was very shocked, but the moment I joined Sun posting photographs and commenting on others I realize that this is actually a very good concept, it is definitely a craze that as soon as everyone will know about it they will be just hundreds of thousands of members posting ex-girlfriend selfies but there will be in the millions. Go check it out if you like it pass the word ask your friends to join as well.